Ferreteria Tuvapor S.A.S is a Colombian company with a trajectory of 30 years, dedicated to Import and marketing of products for the conduction and control of fluids, liquids, gases and vapors, used in industrial areas such as Oil, Chemical, Petrochemical, Brewery, Gas, Food and Construction.

The company was founded on February 17, 1988 by Jairo Casas, who started his professional life in the sector of the specialized Hardware Store and came to develop their business skills according to their interests, knowledge and experience.
Nowadays Tuvapor SAS is a company consolidated in the market and with a great reputation.
In 2002 Tuvapor S.A.S began to expand its operations, obtening new facilities and Strengthening all your business quality processes.


It was also strengthened and extended the inventory, to satisfy any request of its customers.
Over time these actions allowed the company to obtain in May 2011 its ISO 9001: 2008 quality certificate, granted by SGS.
Currently the company, after having modified its social responsibility in 2011 with the name of Ferreteria Tuvapor S.A.S, is considered one of the main importers and marketers  brands recognized and certified by this type of industries.

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